Sunday, April 19, 2009


There are plenty of blogs out there that are addressing the issue of ecclesiology, that are much more articulate and persuasive than I am able to do. However, I like joining the fray because it helps me organize and articulate my thoughts in a much clearer manner.

I have found myself in too many conversations where I am unable to explain, for example, why I think meetings should be interactive and participatory; not a one way monologue with the pews. I can see in my spirit what it all looks like, but have a very difficult time expressing it in a cogent manner. I generally come away frustrated.

There is a picture in my mind of how I believe the church ought to function. I believe it can all be backed up by scripture, but I don't have it all written down in a clear concise manner. Have you ever seen someones office with post-it notes all over the walls and desk. The guy knows where every note is, but does not have it all organized in one area. Well, that is what my mind is like.

So, I am starting to write some questions to ask people instead of engaging in persuasive type conversation. Here are some of the questions I am putting together.
  1. What does the bible say about the gathering of the saints?
  2. What is the purpose of the gathering of the saints?
  3. What is a church service?
  4. Is the gathering of the saints or worship service the place for believers to participate of spectate?
  5. What is a worship service?
  6. When does the worship service start?
  7. What does the bible say about the worship service?
Some of the questions are leading, but hopefully they will make people think. So much of the church never thinks why they do the things they do. Paul said in 2 Th 15 to...stand firm and hold to the traditions you were taught by us... Jesus told the pharisees, "...for the sake of your tradition you have made void the word of God," in Mt 15:6.

It behooves every generation to "ferret" out the traditions that have been passed down them to ascertain they are not of pharisaical origin.


Jonathan said...

Yeah... I think I'm ignoring these questions for now. Good questions though...

At some point in my journey I won't be surprised if I'm lead to revisit them and be challenged to find a way to apply them further.

But for now I often consider my small group to be as much my 'church' as the Sunday morning event. And I'm finding balance without causing too many waves.

Good questions... God bless!

Jack Watkins said...


I understand. We still do the Sunday morning thing. It doesn't have the life that our home fellowship has, but we have some great relationships there.

This is where I would like to ask the questions. I have been unsuccessful in telling.