Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passover Seder

We went to a Passover Seder at some friends house last night. I had never been to one and have always been fascinated by Jewish traditions and how they relate to us as believers.

It was a very interesting and enjoyable time. I think we have done ourselves a disservice by not learning more about Jewish festivals and celebrations. We are grafted into Gods family. Our savior is Jewish.

There are so many things that Jesus did that we don't understand because we don't know the background of the Jewish life.

I'll never forget the false labor run to the hospital for our first born. The nurses said to go and walk some to see if it was real labor. So we went to a nearby mall to walk. We met a Jewish man and his wife selling prints of old testament scriptures. I started asking him some questions and we sat down on a bench and he started elaborating on the meaning in Hebrew of a certain passage in Psalms. I was fascinated at the depth and meaning he was able to describe that English could not satisfy.

Last night after the Seder we sat around and listened to the man and his wife who my friend had asked to facilitate the Seder. They are messianic Jews. He talked about how the Jews celebrate the Shabat or sabbath 52 times a year. Each time if done correct, the head of the household will say blessings over his wife and children. He honors and serves his wife as she prepares the Shabat meal. He would help with the children and greet any guests that were invited.

The point being, blessings were spoken over his family on a regular basis. We see in the old testament how important blessings were from a father to his children. They were coveted and very powerful.

I was not one-hundred percent on board with all the man said. However, I was challenged enough to do some more investigation and research.

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