Friday, April 10, 2009

Stir Up One Another

Finally, I have enough courage to make a post. We started a small group in our home in January. The idea was to invite those from our local fellowship and some other believers we know, and study what the bible says about small group interaction.

Over the last couple of months, the attendance has varied but there has been a core group that has been faithful to attend. We offer a time for a potluck meal before we start the meeting, and have always had a few families show up. From the beginning I did not want to be a visible leader, just a facilitator. We spent at least six meetings studying about all of the "one another's" in the new testament.

Starting last week I did not feel that I had anything to teach, so I just opened up the meeting to discussion. It was amazing how the Holy Spirit manifested in the hearts of the people. A strong word of stirring up or provoking one another to love came forth from among the people. We had some great discussion and reading from the Word. Heb 10:24,25 got us started, and it just flowed around our living room after that.

We gathered again tonight and had one of our largest attendances. Once again I came not prepared to do a focused teaching. Once again the Holy Spirit manifested himself by taking us deeper into provoking one another to love. We discussed being a doormat for Jesus. We heard testimonies of what God may require of us to spread His gospel.

One brother shared the story of a Nepalese man who ended up spending many years in prisons for sharing the gospel there. His prayer had been, how can I reach so many people all over Nepal. Long story short, he ministered and witnessed to thousands of prisoners. When released many of them spread the gospel. He endured all sorts of hardships and pain to fulfill his calling. He was provoked by the love of Jesus to spread the gospel.

How willing are we to deny ourselves, and have a love so strong for the lost to do what this man did?

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