Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I haven't flown since the end of March. I enjoy being home but, I get paid to fly airplanes. Things are real slow in the industry, and sitting home waiting for a call gets old. The good thing is I am on salary, and get paid whether I fly or not.

My crazy work schedule does not lend itself to developing consistent habits at home. I have a whole list of projects to be completed, but seems I can never get caught up.

We go out to Bermuda about six times a year. We only stay for one night each time so we don't get any time to explore the island. It is a beautiful place. Very British and colonial. The people are very nice. It does not seem to be a party island like the Caribbean islands are.

We were there this past January, and I had taken my snorkeling gear with me. The wind was blowing about 40 mph. There is a small cove in front of the hotel where we stay and we were on the lee side of wind so I thought it might not be too bad to swim in. I stuck my foot in the water and I thought I was going to into shock. It was so cold. Nevertheless, I gave up on the idea of snorkeling. I am going to try again this time. Maybe the water will have warmed up a little.

The bad part about the trip this week is I am going to miss our home fellowship and will not be able to post about it first hand. That happens a lot in this business. It is hard to consistently be a part of anything and plan things.

I'll post some pics if I get some good shots when I get back.

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Anonymous said...

Gonna miss you Jack. We have been blessed with great meetings because everyone has been contributing. So, when just one person is gone, they are missed.

But it has been real special to see the Lord show up in the lives of His people.

I pray that the spirit of liberty continues. Our meetings are only as good as our personal lives with the Lord. Then we can bring forth the treasure (Jesus) that is in our heart and everyone receives meaningful fellowship.

Praying you have a safe trip.