Monday, April 20, 2009


On Monday nights my three oldest kids(16-21) and I take a class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. It has a different speaker in every week. It is broken into four sections: The Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic Perspective.

Tonight's speaker was Jimmy Dorrell, who started a church for the homeless under a bridge in Waco, Texas in 1992. He also has a ministry to the poor called Mission Waco.

Here are a couple of quotes from his talk tonight.

"People with problems, need to be part of the solution for the problem"

"We have taught so much and done so little." Talking about the American church.

He says they have an abundance of requests to help between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Come the middle of July, there is no help to be found.

My favorite story of the night is how they minister to poor families during Christmas. Instead of bringing free gifts to families and embarrassing the parents that cannot afford gifts for their children, they open a store and sell gifts and toys for 80% off. This way dignity is maintained and there is a price paid.

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Missyroo said...

The guy was awesome! I would love to hear that same lecture again!