Friday, July 4, 2008

Catch up in Aspen

In my last post I was in recurrent training. I got kind of busy there. Training went fine and I got home on the 26th of June. I had three days at home before I left for two days to visit two of my kids in Florida. They were going through a two week "boot camp" in preparation for a six week mission trip to Zambia.

It was good to see them. I had missed both of their departures because of work. The month of June I spent 19 days in hotels. Eight of those days were because of training, which does not happen every month, but I was still gone. So much for all the glamor of flying an intercontinental business jet. I do get to go to some interesting places but there is a heavy price to pay.

On Wed July 2, I had a trip to Aspen, Co. We are here until Monday the 7th. In my previous job of seven years flying a Lear 35, the owner had a home here in Aspen, so I have spent a lot of time here. The mountains are always pretty, but the people who come here are snooty, the food and lodging overpriced, and there are better places to stay in Colorado. So we are staying in Glenwood Springs about 40 miles north of Aspen.

The area is is very nice and a lot more friendly. Did a little driving around in the mountains yesterday. Today I am just going to hang out, maybe walk around town some. The other pilot I am flying with on this trip, wife is coming in today. So I will just hang by myself the rest of the trip. He has been gone for over three weeks, and has not seen his wife during that time.

I might get into some political musings in my next post.