Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Servanthood to a Child

Alan at The Assembling of the Church has been a great influence on me when it comes to servant hood, especially when it comes to leadership. Over and over he has talked about being a servant and serving one another. We have talked a lot about this in our home with our children. When it comes to ministry it is not about us being recognized, it is about us recognizing others.

Here is a quick story that happened last night in my home. I have seven children ages five to twenty-two. My two oldest sons ages seventeen and twenty had just got home yesterday from a week in Haiti on a building project. Our house had been the drop off point for several of the team members cars.

No sooner had the team members said their goodbyes and my sons had brought in the gear from the trip, did my five year old daughter meet her seventeen year old brother in the hallway with a board game in her hands. Now picture this. My son is at least 6'3" and weighs 210 pounds and his little sister stands just over knee-high to him.

She is looking up at him with her big blue eyes and says, "You want to play a game with me?" I looked at my son and could see the fatigue in his eyes. They had slept outdoors for seven days in the rain and mud. He hesitated a moment, but with a big grin on his face he said, "Sure!"

I can't add much to that. He thrilled his little sisters heart. The younger ones really miss their older siblings when they are gone. The question I have to ask myself is, "Would I have done the same thing as my son?"


Guy said...

What an awesome testimony of a young man's true maturity......KINDNESS! Is there any more real picture of selflessness and Christlikeness?

Jack Watkins said...

Guy Ben,

It was a great testimony, but boy did it convict me. I take no credit in him reacting that way. That was the Lord in his heart.