Friday, June 26, 2009

What is the Answer?

As homeschoolers, home churches, home birthers, et al, maybe we think we have all the answers. We observe, watch and sometimes judge when others do not meet our expectations. We go to family friendly churches, we protect our children, we promote self-reliance and individualism.

Some look at us as self-righteous, pious and arrogant. We certainly can appear to be that way and sometimes, we may be that way. Last night in our home fellowship discussion, we hit on some hard issues. I personally believe home education should be practiced by most Christians. There will always be exceptions and certain situations that would prevent that. None of our children have dated. I believe some sort of courtship is the best way for our children to find a mate. Four of my children were born at home. The first two by choice were born in hospitals. How unenlightened we were then. At least we felt that way at the time.

While I believe all of these things are important, we must never forget that these things are not the answers. Jesus is the answer! Now that is not very deep or really profound for most of us, because we know that. However, do we really? While I make no apologies for home educating my children and wanting to hold a high standard for their behaviour, I must be careful not to exalt the means. I must be careful not to walk or even appear self-righteous in my behaviour.

Our discussion led us to ask the question of why we do these things. Our answer first of all is, hopefully we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. All of these home-"fill in the blank" can be a fad or the latest christian thing to do. We noted failures in some families we knew of. How it appeared they had done all the "right" things, had all of their "ducks in a row", but still some of the children walked away from what they had been trained to do. The children never took ownership. Now is that the parents fault or the children's? Or is it just providence?

I don't really have an answer to those questions just an opinion that is not worth a whole lot. My thought is this however; I have a purpose and goal in why we home educate our children. I believe we are mandated by God to train and inculcate biblical teaching to our children as parents. We decided to have our children at home because we believed God more than we believed what the doctors said. If we had listened to the doctors we would have not had anymore children. Children are a blessing of the Lord, not a curse or burden. We home fellowship because we believe that when the saints gather every member is a minister and should participate in bringing a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. It is not the job of the paid professional. For those who are screaming "heresy" what about leaders, I do not deny that God has given those to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. What we see in the churches today, however, is not the picture the bible paints.

In summary, know why you believe what you believe. Study to show yourself approved. Being a Christ follower is not a fad or a lifestyle-it is a way of life. It is following Christ to your death. Be led by the Holy Spirit, not by men. Don't swallow "hook, line and sinker" everything that comes down the "pipeline". Make the hard choices, believe God, but walk in humility and love, accepting one another, building up one another and being an blessing to all who cross your path!

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Hebrews13:13 said...

You are right about Jesus Christ! He is the answer. And when you consider that He is the Word, and you look into the Word of God, you find many, many scriptures that pretty much instruct the parents to educate their children. Whether you are able to educate your children at home or have to send them out to private or public school, it is still a walk of faith and you have to keep your children in prayer and be involved in their overall (spiritual/non-spiritual) education.

The other reason most people homeschool, is because they love and value their children and how their character develops. Bad company corrupts good morals. Also, the old adage is "If it does not work, don't duplicate it." Well public school is not working. There are any number of studies that a person could pull up on the internet to confirm this.

This adage works with the religious system, too. If it does not work, don't duplicate it. Sad to say, people in organized religion, by and large are far from healthy. And for good reason. The Church is organic, family oriented, led by a Father, not an organization, business oriented, led by a CEO. So, when people decide to leave the religious organization they are in, (a cautionary note is in order:) Don't duplicate in your living room what you just left.

True, bringing school back to the home and having the church meet in the home are not the end all/be all. If Jesus Christ and His Word do not have preeminence in everything we do and everything we are, then anything and everything you do at home will most definitely fail.

So Jack, you are right!!! Jesus Christ is the Answer! And that, brother does have deep implications in every area of our lives. Thanks for writing that. Rick